a discussion of his assessment of Libby
Libby's many complicated characteristics
Libby's version of events
the specific object of Libby's hatred
Libby's veiled attempt at conversation
the sense of Libby's uncertainty
Libby flet him an odd sort of fellow
as clever as Libby in such an obvious way
Libby sensed his return
Somebody Libby couldn't get away from
he followed Libby everywhere she went
How do I know you won't follow, Libby asked
Libby loved him, she really loved him
Libby was shocked by the change of events
Libby played at being grief stricken
Libby was caught in a lie
Libby couldn't place her suroundings
Libby's attention was fleeting
all of Libby's fears were exposed
Libby had never felt safe
their arrival filled Libby with dread
They told Libby what she wanted to hear
Libby's smile was gone but her eyes were wide open
Libby sat in wait
Libby just kept staring silently
serenity was never Libby's strong suit
Libby had lived with a total lack of privacy
What's Libby done
What's Libby doned
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